How long does the QDRO take to draft?

We have an unprecedented one week guarantee of completion, or the document is free. Once the client pays in full, we remove the draft status and release the document for the required signatures.

What is a dedicated consultant?

Every law firm using WisconsinQDRO is assigned a designated consultant. Your relationship is very important to us and our consultants guide every step of our process. The consultant is responsible for gathering the information, communicating with the clients if needed, discussing the case with your firm, and providing resources for your client’s specific situation. 

What happens if the other party does not pay?

We strive to be the best QDRO drafting company with unparalleled time of completion with our documents. It is common that one spouse fails to pay in a timely manner as ordered by the court. One party can choose to pay for the entire QDRO upon completion and once the other spouse pays their share, we reimburse the client who paid in full. 

What malpractice insurance do you carry?

In the unlikely event that one of our documents causes a financial error, we will correct the problem immediately. The most important aspect of our work is creating an accurate document. Every document is under the supervision of a licensed attorney and is therefore protected by a malpractice insurance policy with an industry standard coverage limit of $1,000,000.