Our Process

Accurate. Efficient. Affordable. Guaranteed one week turn around time.

Step 1.) The law firm drafts the Marital Settlement Agreement with "WisconsinQDRO, LLC" as the drafting company for the Qualified Domestic Relations Order. 

Step 2.) The law firm faxes us a copy of the completed and signed MSA and our information form, starting the one week guarantee*.

Step 3.) We receive the form, process the QDRO within one week of receipt of the information, and return the draft document for both attorneys to review. If not returned within one week of the receipt of the correct information, the document is free. 

Step 4.) The clients pay for the document to be released out of draft status. One party can pay for the entire cost and when the other spouse pays for their share, we can reimburse the original party.  

Step 5.)  We receive a certified copy from the reviewing court, handled by your dedicated consultant, then forwarded for review by the plan administrator. This review could take up to 30 days by the plan administrator, but we will follow up diligently to make sure the document is processed.

Step 6.) Once the document has been accepted and approved by the plan administrator, we will work with the receiving spouse to ensure the funds are transferred into their name.

Step 7.) We reach out to the attorneys to let them know the case has been closed.

If you have any questions about our process, please call us at 414-522-9538 or email us at service@wisconsinqdro.com. We look forward to working with you.


*We guarantee that the QDRO will be completed accurately and efficiently in seven calendar days beginning with the receipt of the signed MSA and our completed form. If the document fails either of these, we will draft the QDRO for free. Our strict adherence to our goal of accurate, efficient, and affordable QDROs is paramount to our success and the success of your clients.